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        BABY EAR​​​​

                                                                     Since 1987

                                                                                                            EAR PIERCING for Everyone of All Ages

Piercing Technique & Jewelry

The Ear Piercing Technique used for Baby Ear Piercing Services

may be one of several used at

The installation piercing method depends especially on the guest,

the type of piercing service request, the Ear or Cartilage piercing placement

and the type of jewelry shape and style selected.

Jewelry is manually inserted using New,

Single Use, Sterile Piercing Jewelry by hand, holder, or needle. does not use a reusable Ear Piercing Gun

and is skilled in Traditional and Modern Piercing Techniques.

The most common technique is my own. Which is called the Manual Hand Pressure Clasp Method.

The Sterile Piercing Jewelry is manually backed up behind

the Ear and supported, then the Ear Piercing Jewelry is swiftly inserted in seconds.

For accuracy, this service is always performed individually, which means One Ear at a time.

It is Quick and Efficient.

This procedure takes about 2 seconds with minimal, little or no discomfort at all.

This Aseptic piercing procedure at is


Piercing Supplies and Jewelry are always are New, Single-Use,

Lot Numbered, Documented and Sterilized.

In Accordance to Safe Body Art Regulations and for The Health and Safety of Your Child, is not permitted to use personal jewelry for initial Ear Piercing Services.