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                                                                                 BABYEARPIERCING ‚Äč.com

                                                                                             Striving to Serve Every Guest with Excellence since 1987



for Everyone of All Ages


Exciting News, April 2023, Coming Soon:

Luxury Nose Piercing Services Will be Launching at Our Host Facility Here at Baby Ear Piercing.


Be Sure to Read & Agree to the Safety Policy

                               The Month of March Birthstone is Aquamarine

What Color is Your Birthstone Month?

Why a Birthstone?

People wear Birthstones for many different reasons and beliefs.

There are several different birthstone charts with both traditional and modern stones & gems.

It is believed that wearing Birthstones can produce energies which create various vibrations.

Wearing a Birthstone may give you a different, enhanced or significant feelings.

Select a Birthstone that you feel drawn to, or simply go traditional & choose your birth month.

stocks Real Precious and Semi-Precious Birthstones,

Set in 14kt. or 18kt., White & Yellow Gold for all of the birth months.

Please call in advance to confirm your interest in the Real Birthstones Collection.

Most always in stock:

CARE: Inspect your jewelry, settings and backings regularly

or upon each incident that may compromise jewelry stability.

See your jeweler if you need new backings, notice loose stones or prongs that may need adjusting.

To avoid scratches on other jewelry, Store separately when not wearing.

Clean with a Safe Select Jewelry Cleaner, Soap and Water or Have Professionally Cleaned Yearly.

NEW: Brilliant Polishing Cloths are now available. Remove That Jewelry Grime and Return it Back to it's Original Shine.